Memory is formless—intangible.
The far away…is being corroded by the new—forgotten back in time.
In order to record the most beautiful moments: design freezes the time.
An elegant image creates an impression.
A meaningful word resonates with us.
But… what really touches our heart?—Authenticity.
A genuine design gives a genuine experience.
An authentic experience is constructed through an understanding of both the physical and psychological needs of humans.
Compelling and innovative forms satisfy our visual pleasure.
Mindful and honest contents elevate our spirituality.
But…it is only when form and content are fused into one can compose a vital piece—life.
What makes life beautiful is detail—process—quality.
Communication is a process: A process of engagement.
A process of creating a dialogue.
It is a process of an open heart to experimentation and exploration for possibilities.
In this process, patience is given,
to deliquesce the sealed beauty—to unfold.
We are waiting to create an unforgettable experience to embellishing a memory…
…amplifying ephemeral into eternal…we are entering the light… …
Ah—D E S I G N.

copyright: 2005 man hui chan

all rights reserved

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